An Improbable Start

This web log or blog, to the use parlance of our times, is a place for me to discuss and explains problems or research ideas that I am working on or just find interesting. The emphasis will be on words over equations, with the aim of trying to give an intuitive explanation for mathematical concepts encountered in applied probability.

Much of my work involves the use of random simulations, which are also called stochastic or Monte Carlo simulations, so I will often be posting on ideas illustrated with simulations. Most of my experience is using MATLAB, so that will be my default programming language, but I also have experience in the statistics-focused language R, which arguably has the best spatial statistics package spatstat going around. I also use Python coupled with appropriate libraries such as NumPy, especially for machine learning work.

I am considering learning other languages to do random simulation work. A possible candidate here is the relatively new Julia language, although nothing seems to compete against MATLAB in terms of user friendliness.

Feel free to contact me for questions or to point out mistakes. I do appreciate it. I may even reply.

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