All my publications are listed on my Google scholar profile.

I also co-authored the book Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Cellular Network. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 are largely based on results appearing in a series of papers that I wrote with Bartek Błaszczyszyn.


I am particularly proud of the cover, which is a diagram of signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) cells, illustrating the regions where phone users are covered by base stations (the small black circles).

Collaborators (a partial list)

Rhys Bowden
Bartek Błaszczyszyn *
Christian Hirsch
Benedikt Jahnel
Mohamed K. Karray
Anthony Krzesinski
Robert I. A. Patterson
Nathan F. Ross
Alex Stivala
Peter G. Taylor
Aihua Xia


* ł is not a Latin “l”, but a Slavic letter, and it’s pronounced more like a “w”. The “z” also plays a different role, so in English the name “Błaszczyszyn” sounds more like “Bwasht-chy-shyn” with a long “a” sound.